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What is Threading?

Threading is an ancient art that has been practiced for centuries in Middle Eastern countries & is now considered to be one of the most precise methods of facial hair removal in our country. The trained Esthetician will remove unwanted hair gently with a loop of thread. Threading is the number one choice for precise hair removal & can be done as soon as the hair appears above the skin.

Where on the Body Can I Be Threaded?

Generally people believe threading can only be done for eyebrows but it can be done on Upper Lip, Cheeks, Uni-brow, Chin, Nose, Cheeks & Full Face. Threading is not only preferred choice of hair removal by females but with men as well.

Why Choose Threading Over Waxing?

Threading is the best method of precise hair removal. You can precisely shape your brows with threading in a way that waxing just cannot achieve. Threading is very hygienic & does not pull on the skin & there is no risk of detachment from the tissue. An experienced Threader has such a control that they can give you defined line with a very precise shape.

How Long Do Results Last?

Threading does last longer, typically full regrowth occurs between two & eight weeks

Does Threading Make the Hair Grow Back Thicker?

Threading does not make your hair thicker. In fact, your hair should grow back thinner.

Sensitive Skin, Can I Get Threaded?

Threading is actually the best choice for people with sensitive skin.! It is recommended for those people who have acnes, people who are doing Chemical Peels, Botox or if you are taking medication with steroids as waxing is not recommended on these sensitive skins.


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  • I thoroughly enjoy the service and staff everytime I come for a appointment. Greeted by smiles, a cup coffee followed by ladies that are very thorough in there job. Love my manicures and pedicures on regular basis. Won't go elsewhere!

    Doug King
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